Life Laundry

The other day I was sorting laundry. I dislike the mundane task of matching socks. No matter how often I do it, I find myself week after week doing the same thing, with the same socks passing endlessly through my hands on a never ending loop of washing and drying.

Whilst I was standing there, wondering if it really mattered whether we wore matching socks, and why this was so important anyway, I caught sight of a sheet of paper I'd had taped above my desk. It had come off the wall, and was rolled up with some other papers.

As I picked it up I remembered the moment during a training course when our visual facilitator had drawn, “from a place of love, everything becomes an act of service”. I had been talking about the realisation that no matter what I was doing, if I did it with love there would always be meaning to even the most mundane thing.

Looking at the pile of socks in front of me - I had to smile. Here was the perfect metaphor for being in service and harmonising my being and doing into an act of love. Rather than seeing the sock mountain as a dull task to get done as quickly as possible, I had the potential to approach it as an expression of love and caring for my family. With this in mind it transformed how I experienced the process and how I could bring my best self into the world in even the smallest of tasks.

As the weeks go by these fundamental learnings stay with me and help transform how I live my day to day life. I am faced with the practicality of getting on with things. Yet I also know that every minute brings the possibility for me to bring my fullest and best self to the moment. When I can do that in pure love even doing the laundry becomes transformational and a powerful meditation on life and matching socks.