How on line is your heart?

Today I travelled by train to get to a course. I don't often use this form of public transport, and I found the experience interesting.

I was amazed by the high number of passengers who got on the train and immediately plugged into their phones, ipods or ipads. They didn't make eye contact - or any sort of contact - with anyone. Energetically and physically they were hunched up over their devices and turned inwards, - and remained submerged in an electronic world for their entire journey. I wondered if they preferred to remain in isolation out of fear of human contact?

I know that we are used to being constantly on-line. The ever present WiFi availability means we can access the great and wonderful world wide web almost everywhere, and information, music, news and connections can flow into our lives without end.

We're used to being technically on-line. That makes sense for us. We almost expect it, and wave our phones around in the air the minute we lose connection to the ever present satellite that is our connection to everything else.

We seem to technically on-line, and find a high degree of connectivity desirable and acceptable.

Here's the question that is alive for me today. How on-line is your heart?

If we are relentlessly connected to the internet, twitter and facebook, how much space does this leave our brains to connect with another, more intuitive and instinctive quality of information? How on-line are we to receiving information on that level if we are constantly distracting ourselves with texting, tweeting and updating our statuses?

I wonder how many people are aware that the connection they have to their electronic devices could be equally as strong with themselves, their passions and soul? Wouldn't it be amazing if we were equally distressed at losing the connection to our inner selves and heart as we are every time we lose a WIFI connection?

Are you connected to the bigger picture? Do you care about relating to yourself and others in a meaningful and authentic way? Is your heart on line?

How about dumping the WIFI connection for a while and making the heart connection instead?